The Silent Compromise.

‘ Only he knows how much girlish I am. His words touch my soul. He never wants me to change neither I . But I always want that he should broden up his thoughts.

But actually am I that much BOLD ??

I asked my self. Yes, I am that much bold as I accept anyone else’s views, dresses, dreams and life style for their own. Then why I insist him ??

He actually does that.


I should sorry as we matter the freedom most. Then why at his time I break the Silence ??

But when he breaks it, I think how stupid his thoughts are??

But actually I am stupid.

The rain realised.

# The story of BEAUTY and RAIN

Beauty said to rain, “sometimes your behavior is so stormy, how can I handle? ”

Rain reacted, “stormy!!!! I am giving the drops of inspiration to the small plants to grow up and find out their own dreams.”

Beauty replied, “soothing rain drops are more caring ones than the stormy. Please don’t be angry on me. This is the practical reason why I interrupted.”

Rain said, “They should know how to face the storm of life. Young age is the age to go outside of your comfort zone and make choices and enjoy the hardships . ”

Beuty hold her and questioned, “After that if they forget to care ?? ”

Rain realised she had to manage the both things. Beauty’s point was right.

Then She determined to compromise .



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