Magic Touch

Thank you God..

For giving me the Magic Touch. ..

So that I am a combination of all your witty hopes which is uncertain about it’s existence.

That’s why you take care of me… make me alive. .. by sending the saviours of my life.

I stopped attempting to kill myself as I know you are looking for a better way to kill me.. .. I am joking… Relax.

God … I never worship you by that way… but you helped me when I called for help. Am I special to you??

They said, “God help them who help themselves.” But You help me… as I can’t help myself.

That’s why you gave me That Epic Magic Touch.

Thanks for sending my loved ones to take care of me… as your wish. 😊

The Real Happiness


Whatever the situation is. ..

I have the confidence that they will be always happy with my choices. They do. When I achieve something they smile… when I lose, they pat my back.

I always run for the freedom of work, thoughts, choices and life. They taught me that freedom is the basic human rights. It makes you feel comfortable to work the best. They encourage me. They never stop me. They want me to learn by myself.


I started searching for The Real Happiness for 6 months. I did a lot of things to find out what make me happier.

Results :

I just want to see their smiling faces.

The bowl of dal.. with a spoon of sugar… with boiled rice… which my mother serves me with love. 😊😄

# myrealhappiness

Do the experiments and reply me yours😃

A Lonely Flower

Don’t be over predictive. Yeah your predictive nature is good. You have the power to judge and justify a situation.

You may have that confidence and foresight.

But still there is a Lonely ness inside you. That is the bag full of broken expectations of your predictions.

Life is uncertain. Every moment is not just a moment and memory. It is a part of living. You have to live it no matter how much you desperate towards your own predictions.

I learnt this from that beautiful lonely flower. Someone came and plucked it.


Dedication is not only a word but itself a Character, who creates the beauty of work as well as the ugliness.

Yes, It is the best supporting actor or actress behind the Great.


May be in films, politics, academics, services and also in Family.

Whoever achieve somewhat success in any field.

You may ask me… ‘why for them who succeed? ‘

People recall the one whoever is successful…. Works beyond their comfort zone… has a particular dedication with a little determination.

Dedication inspires the person to be the slave of the determination and not to be a free bird.

Is not that so much dedication some times harm the reality ??

Where the dedication behave as devotion.. then determination take a wrong route … if your loyalty is not for the right reason…

Do you think it’s complicated?

Not at all. .. whenever you dedicate yourself. .. listen to your inner heart… it knows the truth.. the right. .. the wrong. .. then decide.

Biasing the inner heart of a person is very difficult.

Culture is not the religion what we follow madly. … humanity should be respected. .. That’s the reason behind the scenes.

Dedication should be for the progress of mankind.

Is She Born To Flourish?

The day she born, a smile came to her mother’s face…

When she heard her cry.. but the nurse’s words made her to think…

‘Is she born to Flourish ? ? ‘

Every family members including her father took a glimpse of her, became happy. ..

Convincing each other to keep patience. .. the Goddess Lakshmi came to the house. ..

‘Is she brought a jewellery box with her?’

She grew, she laughed, she matured. They taught her to be shy and calm…

Her every moment was under control. .. but their love made her to feel..

‘Is she born only to maintain? ?’

Educational degrees with learning of house work… she became all rounder…

They started searching for a groom.. but still her eyes filled with dreams. …

‘Is she born to be a dreamer ? ?’

Happiness knocked the door and she got married .. started doing her duty for her own home and in laws..

She sat on the verge to reproduce a fruit and the whole family were waiting for the joy to come. ..

‘Is she born to nurture ? ?’

Again on that judgemental day.. she was in the labour room. ..

A smile came to her face.. listening a cry…but the nurse’s words made her to think. ….

‘Is she born to Flourish ? ?’

# Gender is fragile as it is all over in the world. In our subcontinent, it comes with finesse of a “cruciatus” curse.

Hey My Darling

The day, I was alone,

No one with me.

You came to my mind

Grasped me with your memories.

Your love and care

Now just as a night mare.

I live far from you

Still I get the glimpse of you.

You always take my pain

And leave the harmony remain.

I never try to understand you

Always run far from you.

You, the one, my true love

Whom I never care.

Still unconditional love passes from you.

Forgive me my Darling, can you? ?

The Speculation

Beauty remains with the Speculation of your own observing points.

Is not life that beautiful to show us the colours?

Colours of emotions

Colours of persons

Colours of nature

Colours in painting

Colours of number

Colours of holi

Everything has its own colour that defines it…. what about them who have no colour or no specific colour?

Flexibility of choosen colours will be looked fabulous if they are spectacular with perfection.

Who has no colour they can mix with any colour and hold it and who has no specificity they are simply mixture.

Nature select the colour with the time and situation.

Those who have the strength to stand they hold the colours and others fade away.