Gandhaari and Dhritarastra

She did not sacrifice to get the praise of the society but to understand her love better.

She wanted to explore her husband’s world to love him a better way.

She left her home without hesitation with the confidence to win his love.

For her ‘Love is blind’ so that a blindfold on her eye would make her more close to her love.

But she never got the love, the respect and the appreciation from her husband for her continuous trying to reach his soul.

He was not blind by eye side but by his male ego, eagerness to get the power and the crown.

He needed two eyes which he could trust by the way of love not to love by the way of trust.

He wanted to pursue his duty by the help of her not to pursue a duty together.

The past discrimination killed his admiration for the truth of love but gave birth of hatred ness for the way of love.

Conclusion was a misunderstanding.

Gandhaari never left the path of seeking the sacred love and Dhritarastra never returned to the path of eternal love.

Conclusion was a destruction.

They taught you the two sides of the love coin and its expectations and desires.

The incarnation of the goddess of wisdom (Mati), Gandhaari never left the path of righteousness and also never stood for the justice before the war for her blind love and dedication for her husband.

* written just by the way I understand. I would not like to hamper the greatest story of Indian culture. Sorry.. if you disagree to me.

# the specimen is dedicated to my two mastersπŸ˜‰ with whom I watched the whole Mahabharat serial..


Bandana Ray was dead !! 3

Episode 3: The Next Move

( Story till date: Bandana’s husband requested to honourable M.P. to keep silence about the matter in front of media. He wanted Bandana to reply to media after successful come back from heart surgery. Then… )

It was Mira Deshmukh’s Office.

Sam went to the receptionist and asked, “Excuse me, I am Samaiyara Roja, Financial Head and co entrepreneur of Agrihub startup, would like to meet Madam Mira Deshmukh. May I ?”

The receptionist said her to wait and confirmed the meetings after talking to Mira’s assistant. After 10 minutes, Mira’s assistant came and greeted her. “Good morning mam. Please come with me.” Sam forwarded the file to Mira before their conversation was going to start. Mira checked the file and gave her appointment to meet in home and left the office alone.

Then after one hour, M.P. Chinmay Pratap went to their Nilagiri Palace with his wife. They reached there at 4 p.m.

By 7 p.m. Sam entered the palace. They sat together. Chinmay asked, “What is your success rate?”

Sam replied,”Sir, 90%. My life is at risk also. You have to believe in me because another life has already been at risk, that is more valuable than mine. It’s a bitter scandal above the politics. Trust me. A master plan was already plotted. But to control the game, you have to give the indirect checkmate and make your opponent move in your direction.”

Chinmay said, “I have no other option. You are Bandana’s closest agent. If you’re looking for our help then that must not be ignored. But you have to stay in this palace till we reach our target .”

Samaiyara agreed.

Chinmay asked Mira, “Why Dr Priyankh Sergil did this?”

Mira shook her head by saying no.

Sometimes you have to keep patience to know the real facts about the happenings.

#all characters and narrations are imaginary.

#next episodes: Bandana’s audio message was on the morning news in every channel.

Bandana Ray was dead !! 2

Episode 2 :

(2 days before)

Mira’s phone rang.

‘Hello Latika, how are you?”

Latika replied, “Yaar, switch on your television. What are you doing? Fire your assistant. She never awares about the matters where you have to concern.”

Mira said calmly, “Relax.. What happened? Which channel?? You hold on. I will check the matter.”

Latika replied angrily, “You can’t believe this. They are underestimating the talent, the sacrifices of a dedicated journalist for their shits, for the so called TRP.”

Mira sat down on the sofa and said, “Unbelievable !!”

Every channel spread a typical news that, Bandana Ray was doing sting operation to plot her own person on the frontline of political party so that she could control the drama of democracy. Her main armour was M.P. Chinmay Pratap Singh. Chinmay won all the seats against such corrupted who were exposed by Bandana Ray’s The NewsFront. In this game she got support from DCP Satyajit Reddy and IB’s cyber head Dillip Narayan Sethi. They claimed that they wanted to open the so called fair complexed person’s darker side who were enjoying on the money of tax payer’s. All cases were under gone CBI custody. Two of them were proved in the court. 12 cases were still remaining. Bandana Ray was using country’s 4th powerfull weapon, Media to pull down the ministers who were against her plotted candidates. They showed some photographs of the people who were working with her and against whom they had already act. They raised questions on Bandana to tell what her role that people wanted to know.

Mira thought all these issues raised after M.P. Chinmay Pratap went to see her after she was admitted in City Heart Surgery Centre, Bangalore. Bandana’s husband Dr. Priyankh Sergil telephoned him to say about her health and asked him to come. But when he reached there, Bandana was severe and in ICU. Chinmay returned seeing her glimpse through glass window. He cried the whole night on Mira’s lap. Mira never saw his husband in this condition before.

Death opens a corner of heart where you regrets about the things which you remain undone.

* all characters and the narration are imaginary.

# next episode: Samaiyara entered into Mira’s office in disguised as an entrepreneur…

Bandana Ray was Dead !!

Episode 1: The Upcoming.

(At honourable M.P. Mr. Chinmay Pratap Singh’s Office)

IAS Mira Deshmukh entered into the office without a knock. Chinmay told her, “Calm down Mira. I have to keep silence till Bandana is ready for the come back. Don’t force me.”

Mira asked, “But why? Every one of the party knows that you are not guilty. It is a dirty politics by the opposition. The proofs which are opened by the media are totally counterfeited but why do you not let anyone speak.”

Chinmay calmly replied, “The media also know the reality of my relationship. We are friends. No political agendas are there. They know Bandana’s work very well. They just want to increase the TRP. You will wait and watch. After 3 days, they will open our truth and start throwing mud on the mentality of opposition. No one has the power to hide the truth for longer.”

Mira started concerned about the upcoming heart surgery of Bandana.

#Bandana Ray is the chief Editor of THE NEWSFRONT. She did many sting operations. She showed that how journalism help a nation in growth and the power of a journalist. Everyone is taking advantage of her silence now.

At that time, her cell phone rang. It was Latika Desai. Latika shouted from other side of cell phone, “What are you doing Mira? Don’t listen to Chinmay. You are the Agency Executive of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Arrange a Press meeting as soon as possible. People have the rights to know about their chosen servent’s reality. If Bandana can’t speak, it does not mean that we all will keep silence. We have to stand for Bandana. I hope you understand what I mean.” She cut the call.

Mira recalled their university days. They had a very good bond and they continued it. But now everything was under pressure.

Suddenly Mira’s phone rang again. It was Bandana’s husband. Mira had no patience to handle this person. Mira handed over the phone to chinmay. Chinmay, keeping his hand on his chest, whispered, “Hello.. ”

That person greeted him and said, “I can understand the upcoming situation. I know you have no faults. They are using their freedom of speech to diminish not only a politician’s image but also a woman’s, who is fighting for a life on the deathbed, to increase their so-called TRP. There is no mercy and humanity. I request you to keep silence and let my wife come back to give them the best answer. Please.” The call disconnected.

Chinmay smiled and told to Mira that first time this man understood the relationship and Bandana’s value. He always complained that Bandana was irresponsible about his family. Now he proudly wanted for her come back.

When you are going to lose a person then only you can understand the true value of that person in your life. No one is perfect. You have to see their trying to be a perfect one with many failures.

** next episode… Know.. what the allegations against the M.P. and the Editor in chief ?

# this imaginary series is dedicated to my friend Chini, who dare to work for the welfare of people tackling with the party politics. I hope you like the series and wish for a better society.

The Innocent

25 July 2004

We were returning from cuttack. At Jagatpur, we heared cry of a baby. It was 9 p.m. My mom said to stop the car. Papa and Mama went to the canal and started searching. I was standing out side of the car and eagerly waiting for them.

They came with a weak baby boy who was deserted near the bank of canal. Mama showed me his face. The face was innocent and helpless. I told her to take him to our house. Papa said to the cab driver to take us to a hospital. After check up, we came back to home.

But he was so weak that he did not digest anything. He had very poor digestion ability. He always vomited whatever Mama fed him. We took him to many doctors. Some of them said he had some defect in the gastrointestinal tract. It should be gone through surgery. My parents never agreed to such operation or surgery as the baby was so small and weak. My mother fed him grinded baby food when he fell asleep. I had to take care of him and always remembered that he would not be disturbed. Dr. Dwivedi diagnosed him very well. He started eating food normally.

Only because of my mother’s intense love and care, he became well. I and Papa always tried to fulfill his desires. The whole family took care of him because he had suffered a lot in his child hood. Before his arrival we were two sisters. We both took care of him and never discriminated him.

#I created this story to tease my younger brother. I continues teasing. My sister always supports me. She adds more spices to my story to tease our brother.

#Quantity of love, care and protectiveness towards the youngers is directly proportional to the level of teasings to them.πŸ˜…πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‰


# What is yours?? Share with me..

Flame: The burning colour…

Pragu ran towards the bathroom as soon as the chemistry practical period was over. She washed her face not to let the others to see her tears. But Mirror never tells lies. She could see her desire to become a painter flowed away. She wiped up it and kept it in her eyes. Then entered into the class. But the burning colours made her impatient. She could not focus.

When she came back to her home, she skipped her meal and locked her door. Without changing her uniform, she opened her colour box and moved the brush rapidly on canvas.

In between that the flame test result of unknown salts came to her mind.

A flame test is an analytic procedure used in chemistry to detect the presence of certain elements, primarily metal ions, based on each element’s characteristic emission spectrum.

That made Pragu so passionate to see these colours in the flame so she intermixed various metal ions containing salts. She added drops of HCl and took the flame of Bunsen burner. The mixture exploded with the burning colours.

Its sound dragged the attention of the demonstrator. The whole class stood around her. The angry demonstrator burst his anger and insulted her in front of the whole class.

The statement which created the flame of desire inside her was, “If you so eager to see the flame of burning colours, then go to your home and see it in the canvas. This is chemistry lab, not your useless painting room.”

Everyone laughed at her. If she stood there for a minute, then she would burst out of tears. But the passion of colour inside her hearts told the time that it was her. The bell rang. The class was over.

Before her mother called her to have dinner, the painting was complete. When her parents saw it, they could not believe that it was made by their dearer love. But it was. Later it was nominated and won the best painting of the year 2017 in the Odisha Art Show at Lalit Kala Academy.

The painting was well known under the name ‘Flame: The burning colour‘ . Which showed, how the flame of passion pulled the hidden talent out and the universe will be pleased to get her destined child.

#an imaginary story of a true heart

#dedicated to the world of passion and who dare to pursue it.

A Mother not a maid.

My brother challenged me to become a morning person and offered me 1500 rupees per month to do all the morning stuffs (washing clothes, cleaning the rooms and cleaning utensils) before 9.30 a.m. as a maid.

I was angry because he was insulting me, from the day, I came back from the hostel. So I accepted his proposals and took it as a challenge.

The next morning, all the bedsheets were need to be changed and washed. So in the mid night, I kept them in the bucket by adding detergents. Then I set the alarm at sharp 6 a.m. and went to bed.

In the morning, I woke up by the yelling of my brother, “Hey, you cheater, you failed in your mission.”

I shouted, “It is only 8.30 a.m. I will complete them by 9.30 a.m. You wait and watch.”

He mockingly said that mom already completed everything. I cried and yelled, “mom, this is not fair. Why did you interrupt in my deal?”

My brother laughed at me.

Mom entered the room with a stick and tried to beat my brother. He asked, “Why did you beat me? What was my fault?”

Mom answered, “I am not letting her to read Master degree to work as a maid. You understand.”

I realised, we never paid our mother to do these household works then how could I agree to take money for those works. I wiped out my tears.

“She is not our maid.” I thought.

I went into the kitchen and cooked Pasta for us. I felt embarrassed and decided to help my mother in the households in my summer vacation.

#the one who saves us from every hurdles and simultaneously prepares us to face it …

Every child should help their mother in something by their own ability and let her feel special not like a maid.

Only your mother can hear your heart if you let her in….πŸ’•